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Plasmidomics is an open source program for easy drawing of plasmids and vector maps with high-quality graphics export.

Plasmidomics is based on Python (version 2), which is freely available for different platforms (Windows, Linux, BSD, Mac, etc. ).

Graphics export

Above image was created by Plasmidomics. The Postscript was converted to *.png by ImageMagick.

Click here to see the *pdf of this plasmid (1.8 kb for really good resolution!).

General installation

 Screenshot of Plasmidomics 0.2

Installation on Debian/ Ubuntu/ derived linuxes

Plasmidomics is part of the official Debian/ Ubuntu based distributions (installation: 'apt install plasmidomics', run 'plasmid').

Windows/ Mac

There are no binaries for Windows or Mac (yet). You can run it as Python program! Or you can try to convince me (or another computer friend) to compile a binary ;-).

License (open source)



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